Four Jewelry Trends To Enhance Your Style This Spring

With Spring finally in the air, you can put away your heavy winter coat and let your body breathe at last (well, at least before Summer comes and you start working on your tan). With more skin comes more opportunities to adorn yourself with subtle, yet captivating jewelry from Nicha. Every season brings with it new and exciting trends, and we know it can be hard to keep up. Here’s the inside scoop on what will be trending this spring:

  1. Pearls are in this year in a BIG way. Pearl necklaces like our Morning Light selection will be just as essential as our Mother of Pearl earrings, or our more subtle Under The Sea earrings that features smaller, more profound pearls. The best part about choosing to wear pearls is that they go with a nearly unlimited combination of outfits and styles.
  2. Colorful jewelry is making a comeback and our Over The Rainbow earrings - with two colored diamonds hanging above a pear-cut diamond on a gold chain - can become your own personal rival to the May flowers. Our Golden Rainbow necklace will also bring a dash of minimalistic flavor to your Spring attire. 
  3. Hoops on the larger side are trending, and our Circle of Life selection has all the boldness of a golden hoop with an added touch of subtly when it comes to its hanging diamond. 
  4. The more subtle, the better. Leading into Summer, Spring is a time for a lot of activity, so when selecting your wardrobe you have to plan accordingly. Subtle is our language; classic diamond earrings like our Diamond Skies selection and our Only Wish bracelet are perfect for being stylish and unflashy.
No matter your preference, Nicha Jewelry has more than enough options for you to embrace Spring with a smile and a touch of elegance.