Nicha Gift Guide

Diamonds are not a new trend. Unlike many gifts that see their seasons of use and find their way to the back of your closet, diamonds are meant to be kept forever. From one person to another, they’re a lasting symbol of sentimentality, love, and elegance. 

Hoping to make your loved one feel special this holiday season? Find the perfect jewelry with Nicha. By looking through these options, you’re bound to find something that fits her personality. Shopping for yourself? That’s even better! It's difficult to miss the mark when diamonds are involved. Because 'tis the season, right? It’s the ultimate time to go big.

For the modern woman, our Radiant Soul necklace is the ultimate gift as it features a gold bar with a diamond for a sleek look. For the classically inclined, gold hoop earrings with dangling diamond is the way to go. 

For the woman with an affinity for the ultra dainty, a floating diamond is a perfection. For the pearl lover that doesn’t want to look matronly, go for a dangle drop earring. This is a highly contemporary piece of jewelry that is up to date. 

A good candidate for a bolder jewelry lover is our Open Heart earring which features 4 diamonds hung on a gold chain. Our Sweet Rain necklace layers well or can be worn alone for an elegant effect. Our Midnight Stroll earrings are a simple, long chain of diamonds is elegant and polished.

Spread joy this holiday season with the perfect gift. From sparkling earrings to elegant necklaces, these designs are the perfect choice for your special someone.

November 27, 2019 by Nicha Jewelry