Stuck At Home? Here’s How to Clean Your Jewelry With An Expert’s Touch

Diamonds may last forever, but like all things of great beauty, they require just a little bit of upkeep now and again. 

While you may rightfully cherish your jewelry products (especially if they’re a gift from a loved one) and take the utmost care of them, unfortunately, dust and other diminishers do not discriminate when it comes to tarnishing the shine and the sparkle of your belongings. You might think your jewelry is clean as can be, but you’d be surprised to find just how much better and brighter it can look after a few simple cleaning techniques. 

Like many of us, you may currently be isolated at home, making it the perfect time to give your favorite belongings a little extra care. For the sake of being at home and not venturing out for unnecessary items, all of the cleaning substances included in this how-to will be basic supplies you likely already own. 

First off, the type of jewelry your cleaning makes all the difference when it comes to your at-home technique. You need to pay attention to the diamond, silver, gold, etc. components of your item to ensure they’re as clean as can be. Warning: when it comes to pearls, skip right to the end of this article and do not try any of our other at-home cleaning solutions; you could risk damaging them. 

For gold and silver products, you can remove slight tarnish and brighten them up with basic dish soap and warm water. Dip something like a cloth in the solution and gently rub the material. Under light, you’ll immediately notice the shining difference. If the tarnish is more concentrated, it may be best to soak your products in the dish soap solution for up to five minutes. For linked chains and necklaces, you may want to use a tooth-brush or other small bristled tool to gently scrub over the chain and remove any congealed dirt or grime. 

For gemstones and diamonds, the above cleaning application works with one added feature: seltzer water. Simply mix some seltzer water into your dish soap mix and let the gems soak; the carbonation will naturally clean any dust or dirt from them.  

Pearls should never be soaked in any type of water. Instead, take a toothbrush (or even a small makeup brush), dip it in a dish soap and water mix, and lightly apply to your item. When finished, gently rub clean with a cloth. 

Ammonia and white wine vinegar are also adequate substitutes for dish soap. Instead of seltzer water for chains you can also try using baking soda. 

With these easy techniques, your jewelry will be gleaming and ready to catch the sunlight when people are finally back outside again.